Did you miss the last trip to the moon?

Don't WORRY and hold JERRY!

About Us

Your childhood pal, Safe Jerry, is a deflationary and liquidity-generating smart contract that also gives out static incentives to its sincere believers. Hold on a minute! That's not all; SAFEJERRY isn't simply another token with typical functionalities; it'll also be having a tremendous surprise utility at 5000 holders, boosting $JERRY to new heights. Just believe in JERRY and you will never have to WORRY. Furthermore, as you will see, our team is not made up of inexperienced folks trying to join the bandwagon, but rather a dedicated one. We are also run by and for the community, and members of the community will be active in the project's development. All of JERRY's pals are invited to provide ideas and help with the project's growth.



Benefits for SAFEJERRY's holders

Reward for holders

Holders gain passive incentives and see their SAFEJERRY balance rise eternally through static reflection without doing anything.This exciting incentive increases need to hold the token.

Automatic LP

On each transaction, SAFEJERRY is automatically added to the LP pool in a 50/50 split, with half of the $JERRY traded into BNB and immediately wedded to the remaining half tokens, resulting in lower volatility and a steadily rising price floor as well as preventing larger dips when whales decide to sell their tokens.

Burn Mechanism

Our smart contract burns on each transaction, resulting in a gradually declining circulating supply. Because supply and demand influence pricing. As a result, if supply diminishes, the price of the SAFEJERRY will boom. Also manual burns will be held whenever a new milestone is reached.


Isn't it true that everyone enjoys a pleasant surprise? But believe me when I say that the bombshells we have planned for the future of SAFEJERRY will undoubtedly propel it to new heights. So hang in there with $JERRY on his incredible adventure to the moon, and he will never let his pals down.

Roadmap Roadmap